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Latest Post

IMPORTANT: you have to creat the blog item in admin first:

  • Go to admin MGS -> Manage Posts then create your posts
  • Save Config and refresh Magento Cache

To create a new Latest Post block, click Add New Block then select Latest Post

In Post Config:

  1. Filter by Category: You can choose the categories you want your post to be filtered by.

  2. Number of posts: Limit the number of posts to be displayed.

  3. Item per row: Limit the number of posts to be displayed in a row.

  4. View mode: Choose between Grid or List for the layout for your posts.

  5. Hide Thumbnail: Choose Yes to disappear the thumbnail image of the post.

  6. Hide Short Description: Choose Yes to disappear the short description of the post.

  7. Summary Character Count: Limit the number of letters to summary the post.

  8. Hide Create by and Create at : Choose Yes to disappear the created date time and author's name of the post.

  9. Use Slider: Choose Yes to display posts in a slider.