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Progress Circle

Progress Circle Element is a great way to visually attract the viewer and display content eg: sales percentages, skill levels, promotional levels, etc.

Circles Progress


Pies Progress


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Builder SettingTry this

  • Title: title of progress
  • Font size: font size of title
  • Color: color of title
  • Font weight: set font bold for title
  • Percent value: percent number of progress
  • Font size: font size of percent number
  • Color: color of percent number
  • Font bold: set font bold for percent number
  • Progress type: type of progress (circle, pie)
  • Width: width of progress
  • Show Icon: choose icon to show on center of progress
  • Icon color: color of icon
  • Icon font size: font size of icon
  • Progress width: border width of progress
  • Middle background: background color if middle section
  • Default background: default background color of progress
  • Progress background: background color of progress active
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