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Progress Bar

A progress bar is a graphical control element used to visualize the progression of an extended operation such as a download, file transfer, or installation, etc.

Magento 95%
Wordpress 85%
Joomlar 75%
Drupal 65%
Title inside progress 99%
Title on top left 88%
Title on top right 77%
Title on bottom 66%
Default progress bar 80%
Border radius 70%
Change background color 85%
Box shadow 65%
No animation 90%
Border radius - box shadow 90%

Builder SettingTry this

  • Percent Value: number percent of progress bar.
  • Font size: font size of percent number
  • Color: color of percent number
  • Background: background color of percent number
  • Font weight: set font bold for percent number
  • Title: title of progress bar
  • Font size: font size of title
  • Color: color of title
  • Font weight: set font bold for title
  • Default background: default background color of progress bar
  • Progress background: background color of active progress
  • Height: height of progress bar
  • Border radius: border radius of progress bar
  • Box shadow: box shadow color of default background
  • Animation: set animation for progress bar
  • Title - percent position: position of title and percent number (top left, top left right, top right, inside progress bar, bottom left, bottom left right, bottom right)
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