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Google Map

Add google map to your webpage. Select map types, display a color overlay, upload a custom map marker, customize the map information box.


  • +842437955813
  •   160 Robinson Road #26-10 Spore Business Federation CTR Singapore 068914

Builder SettingTry this

  • By Address: address of store
  • By Location: latitude and longitude
  • Pin Image: upload pin image from your computer
  • Address box: show address box information or not
  • Background: background of address box
  • Color: color of text information on address box
  • Width: width of address box
  • Font size: font size of text on address box
  • Title: Store title
  • Font size: font size of store title
  • Line 1: information of line 1
  • Line 2: information of line 2
  • Line 3: information of line 3
  • Line 4: information of line 4
  • Line 5: information of line 5
  • Height: height of map
  • Zoom level: zoom level of map
  • Scroll wheel: allow scroll wheel on map or not
  • Navigation: show navigation or not
  • Type control: show controls or not
  • Scale control: allow scale control or not
  • Draggable: allow draggable or not
  • Grayscale color: set grayscale color for map
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