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Deal Products

Showing deal products with different view options (grid, list, slider, category tabs)

Grid Mode

Fusion Backpack
You saved $0.00 Fusion Backpack
Wayfarer Messenger Bag
You saved $0.00 Wayfarer Messenger Bag
Joust Duffle Bag
You saved $0.00 Joust Duffle Bag

Slider Mode

Builder Setting Try this

  • Hide countdown time: show and hide countdown time
  • Time text: time text for days, hours, minutes, seconds to show
  • Width: width of coutdown time box
  • Background: background color of countdown time
  • Number font size: font size of countdown numbers
  • Text font size: font size of text
  • Number color: color of countdown numbers
  • Text color: color of text
  • Hide discount percent: show and hide discount percent
  • Width: width of discount percent
  • Font size: font size of discount percent
  • Color: color of discount percent
  • Background color: background color of discount percent
  • Hide saved price: show and hide saved price text
  • Text: text to show
  • Text font size: font size of saved text
  • Text color: color of saved text
  • Price font size: font size of saved price
  • Price color: color of saved price
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