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Countdown Boxes

Create Countdown to show your visitors a countdown to a special event, sale, anniversary, etc.

Countdown Element allows you to control various aspects of time, from specifying the exact date, hour, minute to countdown to. Control all text colors, font size, insert background, control border radius, etc.

Builder SettingTry this

  • Date: date time to countdown to
  • Font size: font size of countdown numbers
  • Font bold: set font bold for countdown numbers
  • Color: color of countdown numbers
  • Background: background color of countdown numbers
  • Border: border color of countdown numbers
  • Border size: border width of countdown numbers
  • Border radius: border radius of countdown numbers
  • Days: "Days" text to show
  • Hours: "Hours" text to show
  • Minutes: "Minutes" text to show
  • Seconds: "Seconds" text to show
  • Position: position of text (above or below numbers)
  • Font size: font size of text
  • Color: color of text
  • Font bold: set font bold for text
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