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The Chart Element is an elegant, powerful and beautiful tool that allows you to publish gorgeous charts.

Chart Element brings to you 5 different ways to display your numerical data, each one as impressive as the next, and each one suiting several or different types of design and layout. Which you use and how you use them is completely up to you, as we have included extensive styling options for each chart.

Line Chart

Bar Chart

Radar Chart

Pie Chart

Doughnut Chart

Builder SettingTry this

  • Type: type of chart (bar, line, radar, pie, doughnut)
  • Width: width of chart
  • Timeline: add timelines for chart
  • Items: add items for chart, for each item, you need to add other informations
  • Label: label of item
  • Color: define color of item
  • Values: Enter the values corresponding to the timelines created
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