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Front-end Builder Elements

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Category List

Create list of categories

List Mode

Slider Mode

Builder Setting Try this

  • View mode: (grid with category thumbnail image, list)
  • Item per row: set item per row for desktop, tablet, mobile (only grid mode)
  • Show category name: display category name or not
  • Show product count: display product count of category
  • Use Slider: change setting for slider (grid mode only)
  • Show Icon: show icon above category name (admin can set icon or upload image for category in backend)
  • Category name font size: font size of category name
  • Category name font bold: set font bold for category name
  • Category name font italic: set font italic for category name
  • Category name uppercase: set uppercase for category name
  • Other text: setting for other text (number of products for grid mode and list title for list mode)
  • Colors: setting of color for sections
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