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Front-end Builder Account

What is Front-end Builder Account ?

Practically, a front-end builder account is a customer account. This type of account allows users/ customers to login right at the front-end in order to make proper adjustment on CMS pages of the website.

A front-end builder account differentiates it from a normal user account in term of permission setting in backend panel. As admin is editing a normal customer account in the backend, there is a field named "Is Front-end Builder Account". If this field is set "Yes" then the account becomes a front-end builder, if "No" then the account remains intact.

How to create a Builder Account?

First Option

Second Option

Third Option

To check if your current account is a builder one, please login your account at front-end.

After logging in, if you see a "Active Builder" switch on top panel then your account is builder account.

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